How To Think Like A Computer Scientist

Learning with C++

by Allen B. Downey

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: The way of the program
Chapter 2: Variables and types
Chapter 3: Function
Chapter 4: Conditionals and recursion
Chapter 5: Fruitful functions
Chapter 6: Iteration
Chapter 7: Strings and things
Chapter 8: Structures
Chapter 9: More structures
Chapter 10: Vectors
Chapter 11: Member functions
Chapter 12: Vectors of Objects
Chapter 13: Objects of Vectors
Chapter 14: Classes and invariants
Chapter 15: Object-oriented programming
Chapter 16: Pointers and References
Chapter 17: Templates
Chapter 18: Linked lists
Chapter 19: Stacks
Chapter 20: Queues and Priority Queues
Chapter 21: Trees
Chapter 22: Heap
Chapter 23: File Input/Output and pmatrices
Appendix A: Quick reference for pclasses