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Genius Scan
is an app that is available for your Android or Apple phone.

Genius Scan allows you to take pictures of your homework or quizzes with your phone and create a pdf file from them.  You can email that file to me using the share option in the app, or save the document to your storage on your phone and upload them via my web site. (these options are available in the free version of the app.)

To send me a file:
1.) Open Genius Scan
2.) Take pictures of each page in your document
-- Use the "photo" fiter if "black and white" is unreadable.
-- You may need to force the flash to turn on when taking pictures to
increase contrast (the flash button is on the top left of the camera screen)
3.) If pictures were not automatically cropped, please crop them to the
edge of the page.
4.) Double check that all writing is readable!!!
5.) Email the entire document to me as a pdf using the share option.

If this app doesn't work for you, you may need to try another one.  I can help you find and use this or another app on your phone if you have any difficulties.